Project Postcard is a collective endeavour by 15 former students from the School of the Arts, Singapore in a bid to provide financial and emotional support to the migrant worker community in Singapore through the donation of 13 artworks made into postcards for sale.

Working in partnership with the Humanitarian Organisation for Migration Economics (HOME), all proceeds raised by Project Postcard will go directly to supporting the many important projects undertaken by HOME. While our funds will go first and foremost to immediate relief efforts such as providing daily essentials and necessities and emergency medical aid, we also hope that our funds can support the long-term, sustainable projects undertaken by HOME, such as providing our migrant workers with long-term psychological support, covering legal and casework costs, as well as the overhead costs incurred by the HOME shelter for our migrant workers in distress.


Supporting Project Postcard allows you not only to raise funds for the many crucial projects undertaken by HOME, but also to support budding local artists and arts students who wish to use their talent and art to make a positive impact in our community.


All postcards purchased will be sent to you directly as a souvenir, or for you to write to your friends and family to connect with them during this Circuit Breaker with limited interpersonal interactions. At the same time, your purchases will also help raise funds for Project Postcard and HOME.


While Singaporeans quarantine ourselves in the comforts of our home, our migrant workers are far and stranded from their much needed support networks back home. We have printed 10,000 postcards which will be shared and distributed with the migrant worker community in Singapore and enable them to write home and reconnect with their loved ones in a personal and memorable way, with all postage costs covered by our Project. A small portion of our proceeds (from sales and donations) will allow us to do so. 


We would like to express our sincere gratitude to our Partner, KHL Printing, who has kindly agreed to subsidising our printing costs.


As we continue to weather through these tough and uncertain times, let us not forget about the salient members of our community. Our migrant workers are not just those who have helped to forge the Singapore we know today, but are also core members of our community. We hope that together, we can build a socially cohesive, inclusive and welcoming society, recognising our migrant workers for who they are and not just what they have done for Singapore.


We thank you in advance for your kind support, for standing in solidarity with us, and with our migrant worker community. 


Take care, and stay safe.

Photo Credits: HOME Facebook Page

Kimberly Wee, Heart of Home (2020), Colour Pencil on Paper

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